Telvin Gyamfi launches new watch line crafted with excellence

Telvin Gyamfi launches new watch line crafted with excellence
Telvin Gyamfi is the founder and owner of TG Watches. TG Watches are high quality with a unique design that is eye catching and affordable. His watches are also listed on our website. This week, TG Watches has been selected as brand of the week. We will learn a bit more about Telvin and his journey with his brand.


1. What inspired you to start your brand?

Ever since I got my first stainless steel watch from my father on my 14th birthday, it has always been on my mind to return the gesture years later. In 2013 I was fortunate to spend time around watch enthusiast wearing luxury watches that had hefty price tags, this planted the initial seed of starting my own watch brand. So in 2020 during the pandemic with so much negativity in the media and having ample time, I decided to start TGWATCHES dedicating the first watch design (Dreamer) in the spirit of togetherness.


2. What does success mean to your brand?

Success to TGWATCHES will mean having a site in Ghana where all watches are designed and manufactured. In addition being able to allocate a percentage of proceeds to building schools and educating the less fortunate in rural areas in Africa (Ghana to start with) and providing basic needs to the local community. Finally Working with Local charities in shedding lights on sickle cell and uterine fibroid.


3. Where do you see your products in the next 5 years?

Ideally, I will want my watches to be stocked at retailers like H. Samuel, Watch Shop, Selfridges etc. Most importantly there is a service aspect that comes with the luxury watches which I would like to uphold 'customers get their watch straps/bracelet measured to fit their wrist.'


4. What advice will you give to someone about the start a business?

I will say start with the little you have and do not worry about the things you have no control off. It is important to understand there is no one way success and do not be afraid to collaborate with likeminded people who can help bring your ideas / business to light.


5. For someone new to your brand, what product will your advice/encourage them to try first?

Each collection represents something more than the product. For the Dreamer collection, there is an engraved message 'together we stand, divided we fall' symbolising oneness. But also gives off the sporty vibe. The Royal Collection a representation of our rich roots and culture. So the choice is dependent on the individual. I wear both collections interchangeably, dreamer during the day and Royal for special occasions.


6. What was an important lesson you learnt during the creation process of the brand?

Lessons I have learnt in the creation of TGWACHES includes; keeping it simple. I had a very complicated idea for my logo initially, but I came to the realisation that it didn't fit my brand image and certainly not on the watches or packaging. Most importantly collaborating with others helped bring my ideas to life.


7. Which people have inspired you to create your brand and why?

It is okay to have a dream or an idea but there are people who will help/inspire you not to give up. Having the support of my family, my Father, mother and brother in my corner have been the greatest blessing.


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