Sandra Afflick is healing the world with her affirmation cards

Sandra Afflick is healing the world with her affirmation cards
Sandra Afflick is the owner and founder of 'inspire me with' which are affirmation cards. These cards are meant to inspire and motivate people. The 'inspire me with' cards are listed on our website. This week's spotlight is on Sandra and her brand. We will learn more about how she was inspired to create 'Inspire me with.'


1. What inspired you to start your brand?

Having experienced a challenging time just before COVID, my emotional well-being needed a 'pick me up'. Using affirmations on a daily basis was an integral part of my therapeutic journey which, nourished and empowered me, as I focused on my own well-being. This inspired me to create the Inspire Me With "I Am..." Affirmation Cards for the Mind, Body & Soul.


2. What does success mean to your brand?

Knowing that people are using the affirmation cards to support their emotional well-being and that it forms part of their self-care practice. For the brand to be a business known resource that nurtures, supports and promotes emotional well-being globally.


3. In 5 years time, where do you see your brand?

To have my product range on independent and mainstream online platforms and in stores that promote emotional well-being. For the "I Am ..." Affirmation Cards to be used in schools/colleges/universities as conversation starters that help to empower our young people as they transition through their key stages of development.


4. What advice will you give to someone about the start a business?

To believe in yourself, believe in your product/service. To stay focused and determined as you push through the early stages and obstacles. Tap into people that can help drive, support and champion you as travel along this new journey.


5. What was an important lesson you learnt during the creation process of the brand?

Having a focus group to discuss the vision and to use feedback to help develop the product. Allow time for reflection, be flexible and realistic with time frames that support where you are at.


6. Which people have inspired you to create your brand and why?

Myself, based on life experience. Iylana Vanzant and India Arie have been my spiritual influencers.


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