ÀMI - Peppermint Water, Organic (HYDROLAT)
ÀMI - Peppermint Water, Organic (HYDROLAT)
ÀMI - Peppermint Water, Organic (HYDROLAT)

ÀMI - Peppermint Water, Organic (HYDROLAT)

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Peppermint hydrolate is a nutrient-rich floral water suitable for combination, oily skin and sensitive skin types. A gentle essence to purify the skin and relieve inflammation with a great relaxing aroma. 

100% organic.


Peppermint hydrolate is suitable for combination, oily, and acne-prone skin. It's also suitable for sensitive skin prone and helps with scarring, hyperpigmentation or other visible reactions. 

The purifying and astringent effects of peppermint hydrolate helps to tighten pores and regulate sebum production. It can also be used to:
    • soothe inflammation, sunburn and redness.
    • help with acne, psoriasis and to relieve itching.
    • improve blood circulation – especially in the legs.
    • lessen hot flashes, sweating and feelings of tightness on the skin because of its refreshing properties
    • NO preservatives were used in the production of Peppermint Water, Organic (Hydrolate) 

How To Use:

Using a cotton pad, apply the product to cleansed skin each morning and evening, before your usual serum or moisturiser.

Ingredients: Mentha Piperita Flower/Leaf/Stem Water