Amira Salih - Growth Collection Perfumes (4 Scents)

Amira Salih - Growth Collection Perfumes (4 Scents)

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This collection includes 4 different fragrances, not only does each fragrance represent a memory in Amira's life but each scent also represents a season of the year.  



This fragrance represents the season spring, it’s a reminder of when I was a baby and my mother used to put a Spanish cologne on my hair called nenuco, it’s a fresh citrusy scent but yet so delicate, hence the name of the fragrance.

Top notes: Lemon

Heart notes: Neroli

Base notes: Orange



This scent reminds me of my school day’s and represents the season summer.  It is when my obsession with perfumes began and I started a collection of sweet scents.

Top notes: Rose

Heart notes: Candy floss

Base notes: Oudh



This smell really reminds me of my college days and represents the season autumn, as my nose matured it gravitated towards more musky scents.

Top notes: Agarwood

Heart notes: Sandalwood

Base notes: Amber



This scent represents the season winter and is one of my favourites, as it also represents the person I am today. I kept it sweet but with a mix of musk.

Top notes: Raspberry

Heart notes: Rose

Base notes: Patchouli (this oil is associated with love, wealth and passion)


Please note all products created for Amira Salih perfumes are not tested on animals, although the growth collection may contain some animal derived ingredients.