Taz’s Faves - A Store Managers Review

Taz’s Faves - A Store Managers Review
Hi! I’m Taz Theophane, the Store Manager of the My Runway Group Store in 29 Neal Street, Covent Garden.
Whilst working at the store, I’ve obviously become accustomed to recommending products to customers, but I have favourites that I’ve tried myself, and I’m here to tell you what some of them are!
I’ve tried many different products from different brands that’ve come into the store over time, and I’ll be posting blogs every week about them.
I love every product I’ve gotten from the store, and hopefully you do too!
So…lets get started!
  1. Retro Rich Royal Roots Leave In Conditioner

I’ve been using Retro Rich since 2021, and it’s improved my hair drastically. I remember purchasing the Leave in Conditioner and the Chebe Hair Butter at a time where my hair was at its worst. I had been dyeing, bleaching and cutting it a lot. I went through pink, red, purple, green dyes over the last few months of 2021 and on top of straightening it constantly, everything just really took a toll on my hair. But then, I found Retro Rich on Instagram and noticed an instant improvement in my hair from the moment the Leave in Conditioner touched it- and I’ve been hooked ever since. I typically wash and condition my hair as normal, then section into 4 pieces and lather a small handful into the sections one by one. Then, I use my wide tooth comb and make sure it’s reached every strand. It leaves my hair extremely soft, detangled and ready to style. I love it! I got to meet Lacey (the owner) in a pop up we did in my My Runway Group store in November, and she gave me her Hair Mask to try out- and jeez…

    2. Retro Rich Queen Of The Nile Hair Repair Mask

It’s amazing! I’ve been using it ever since she gave it to me, particularly it as a deep conditioner. It’s meant to help restore moisture back into brittle, dry and damaged hair… Which is exactly what it does! After continuously bleaching my curls they were left a damaged, stringy mess. Whilst it improved over the 2022, I didn’t actually start taking proper care of my hair until July 2022. But in the short months I’ve been using this mask I can say it’s a definite staple for anyone with curls that’s suffered from heat damage or just has dry hair, trust me. Even after the first use you’ll notice a difference. My particular routine is to condition, shampoo, and then deep condition with this mask once every week for about 15-30 minutes. My hair always feels so soft and my curls are always popping afterwards!

    3. R&R Luxury Liquid Black Soap

I’ve only recently started using this black soap, and let me tell you the results were fast! My face instantly felt cleaner and brighter. I like to start with a wet face and hands, and then I take about 4 pumps (yes, it has a pump and it’s perfect!) and lather it onto my face. I massage it around and leave it on for about a minute, then rinse with cold water. I do this twice every day, and it’s improved the hyperpigmentation (particularly on my forehead and around my mouth) a lot! I definitely prefer liquid black soap over the bar, it just feels a lot cleaner and just works better for me.

   4. Dwira African Golden Shea Butter

Dwira’s Shea Butter was a game changer for my skin from the end of last year. I started getting really dry skin, especially around my mouth and forehead due to the winter cold (my worst enemy!!) and I looked over to Dwira’s products and loved the bright colours on the packaging immediately, and decided to pick one up. I wasn’t expecting much honestly, shea butters that I’ve used in the past haven’t cured my dry skin so I was just expecting something to help for a few hours and then I’d have to apply it again. WRONG!!! I apply this beauty after my skin routine to seal the deal, and it’s worked every single time. I never have to re-apply a cream during the day unless I want to, I have no more flakey skin around my mouth and it’s honestly a relief to not to have to worry about re applying it everyday. I’d urge you to try this shea butter if you struggle with really dry skin. You only have to use a little piece, and that means it lasts very long! I haven’t even properly dug through it and I’m not even half way finished.

We’ll be restocking Retro Rich shortly, don’t miss out!

I’ll leave you with these four for this week, come back next week to see some more of my favourites! 

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